I believe that Jesus and the Gospel transforms all of life. As a follower of Jesus Christ,  I am seeking the mission of giving every man, woman, and child I come in contact with the repeated opportunity to see, hear, and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without them having to come or go anywhere to receive that message. As for the spread of the Gospel, I believe that it goes exactly where God wants it to go, because it goes inside all of His followers. As I pursue God through His mission of reconciliation, I must continually ask that God transform me from the inside out for His glory and the sake of others.

As for this blog, the vision is to Revive the Church in the West. I fear that many churches have fallen dormant and are no longer producing disciples but actually consuming the given resources that God has so generously given His people to reach a dark world. I hope that this blog starts a movement for the Gospel in the hearts of believers who take the time to read. God works through transforming the heart and mind, and it is my hope that this blog would be a vehicle for God to do just that- transform the hearts and minds of men and women to radical abandon for the sake of the Gospel.