The Brain Game

So, I learned today that things don’t always work out like you planned- and this is a good thing! When life throws you lemons make sweet tea… or something like that…

I think that sometimes we can have the tendency to get so caught up in our own heads that we forget that others are out there willing to help us along or better yet- pick us up when we fall. God did a really good job creating relationships. When the Spirit frees us up from the trappings of the Enemy, we can see how good God is in the creation of relationships. I mean they work so well, when the Enemy isn’t involved.

Today, I learned that my perfect little world isn’t all that perfect. That I’m not always right, even when I’ve got a very good argument to be right. You see, sometimes we can get so caught up in our own heads and so mixed up in our thoughts we miss the very thing that we desire the most- relationship. We long for a good relationship, but fear the steps to get to one.

I don’t really understand how everything works, but I have learned that I need to trust others a little more than I do. Sometimes other people can be more right than me… Thanks for letting me share 🙂


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