Soul Cravings_ “The Longing for Community”


Have you every took a long look at your cravings? I have recently… and I’m not talking about the kind of late night cravings for chocolate or pizza, but the kind of craving your soul has for intimacy, love, and meaning. I’ve recently started re-reading a book by Ewrin McManus called Soul Cravings. I suggest the book to anyone who is genuinely seeking God. In the book, Erwin takes us on a journey for God through an honest look at ourselves.

I’ve spent the last day honestly looking at myself and noticed the same soul cravings in myself. I think that all of us are longing for something. But what is that something? In the Soul Cravings book, McManus breaks down these “somethings” into 8 things: Intimacy, love, ambition, destiny, origin, meaning, life, and death. All of us wonder about these things. We desire to have intimacy with others. We long for true love that lasts. We have ambitions that drive us forward in life. We continually wonder what our destiny is. We question our existance and origin. We look to have meaning in our lives. And, we live life to only be confronted with death someday. What does all of this mean?

In Mark Driscoll’s book, Doctrine, he gives us the answer:

“Our longings for love, unity in diversity, communication, community, humility, peace, and selflessness are in fact- by design- longings for the Trinitarian God of the Bible and a world that is a reflection of the Trinity. Tragically, human desires corrupted by sin turn in on themselves; rather than finding satisfaction in God, longings become lusts- bottomless pits of selfish desire, never quite satisfied, inevitably leading to despair. Because we are made in the image of the triune God to reflect his glory, we will never stop longing [emphasis added]; yet, our sin-stained longings distort that reflection.

The Trinity is the first community and the ideal for all communities. That community alone has not been stained by the selfishness of sin. Therefore, in the diversity of God the Father, Son, and Spirit is perfect unity as one God that communicates truthfully, loves unreservedly, lives connectedly, serves humbly, interacts peacably, and serves selflessly. In a word, the Trinity is the ideal community in every way. Or, to say it another way, God is a Friend and has Friends.”

Mark Driscoll, Doctrine, Crossway: Wheaton, Ill, pg.12

So, our longing for intimacy, love, ambition, destiny, origin, meaning, life, and death is all an illaberate longing for God. I personally agree with this statement. In looking back at my life- the times that I tried to fulfill these longings myself- it just seems that I gratified only my own selfishness not benefit anyone else. Driscoll said that our longings have a way of turning in on themselves… so true! Mine always do!

The sad fact about having all of these longings is that they will never be fully met until we finally meet God face to face. Only then will we have the opportunity to fully indulge on God’s everlasting goodness and be filled. I long for that day, but until that day comes, I must be satisfied in the fullness that God gives now. He is here and he is living in me.

I challenge you to take a long look at your soul cravings and see what you notice. Look at your past cravings and see what the result of those were. And if you notice some selfishness take the time to look for God in your experiences; chances are He was there, but maybe you just missed Him.


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