Our Need of Grace_ Things to think on…

  1. Grace is probably one of the hardest truths in Scripture to see and understand in everyday life. Think of a time in your life when you experienced grace from a person other than Jesus Christ.
  2. Pointing fingers, playing the blame game, and poking fun of the misfortunate is easy to do, but forgiving the foully of others is extremely hard to do. Think of a time that you forgave someone for a wrong they had done toward you. How it made you feel to forgive them?
  3. Have you ever been poked fun at or harshly accused because of a mistake?
  4. The story shared about Margaret is a hard story. Margaret struggled for a long time because of the lack of grace of others. Because of Margaret’s pain, her understanding of grace was hindered. Would you agree that it is hard to understand grace, when people are sometime severely lacking grace? Why or Why not?
  5. Romans 5:16-17 tells us that Christ paid our sin dept that brought forgiveness. Before Christ’s death, our sin brought judgment followed by condemnation. Spend a few minutes thinking on the importance of Christ forgiveness in your life.
  6. John 1:16-17 says that because of Christ’s death, we have received the fullness of His grace and receive one blessing after another. Write down on a piece of paper some of the blessing that God has given you over your lifetime.

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