The Final Week_ Things to Think About…

1)     Symbols are all around us, we use symbols in everyday- when we type on the computer, when we text message, and when giving directions. Think about  some symbols that you have seen or heard of (these can be silly or serious).

2)     As Christians, we have the greatest symbol ever- the Cross! Take a few minutes to read Mark 15:1-16:20 and think about its significance in your life.

3)     The Jews of the day couldn’t understand why “God-in-flesh” had to die on the cross. In Jewish culture, the cross would have been one of the most horrific symbols of the day, similar to the electric chair for us. Sometimes we tend to think just like the Jews. Have you ever thought that the use of the Cross was odd or hard to believe? Why would such a great God use such a horrific symbol?

4)     In the week prior we noticed how Jesus’ triumphal entry was on the same week as the Passover celebration. Exodus 12:12-14 tells us of the tenth plague against Egypt. For the early Jews, the blood on the doorway symbolized their trust and faith in God. For us today, acceptance of Christ’s blood does the same. QUESTION: Do you see this similarity between the Passover in Exodus and Christ on the Cross?

5) Jesus knew when he came that the cross was his destination. He even taught this several times during his earthly ministry (Mk 8:31 and Mk 9:31) Jesus came to be bruised and crushed for our sins, to be handed over to death so that we could have life. Take the remainder of the time to read Isaiah 53:1-6 and answer the question: What should be the appropriate response if Jesus really did this for me?


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