The 1st Official Blog! [Updated on 9/14/2010]

Hello World!
This would be my first blog in over a year and boy am I excited! The purpose is to lead the my online stalkers to Jesus… jk. No the purpose is for the youth group that I lead to have a place to go to further their faith in Jesus. Here, I will post some of my current sermon scripts and random thoughts to help spur you along in the faith. I do pray that this will be a blessing to you and honoring to our Daddy in Heaven. I hope you will join me in this faith journey, as we seek out the glory of God in all things.

**So, I originally wrote this post about 6 months ago. The original intent was what was written above, however, God had different plans. I believe God has used this blog not to speak into others lives, but to transform mine. As I have written and added to this blog almost weekly, the challenge of my own words began to haunt my thoughts. God has some cool stuff in store for the future. I’m not sure what His plans are, but I’m sure He will reveal them when the time comes.

So, for you guys reading this blog, the original intent has changed. The new purpose of this blog will be to record the working of God in an attempt to awaken a sleeping body of believers. I hope that this blog encourages, enlightens, but most importantly challenges you to take leaps of faith, try new things in Christ, and extend grace in radical devotion.

Thank you for keeping up with me and may God bless you on your journey in life.


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